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Wealth Management
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Essence International, Essence Int'l Wealth Management Limited became a member of Hong Kong Federation of Professional Insurance Brokers (member number 0603) in December 2014 to provide wealth management planning and insurance advisory services in Hong Kong. Essence Securities Co., Ltd.'s parent company, Essence Securities, achieved an AA rating in 2011, the highest rating rating in the securities industry in the country at present.

Scope of Service

Wealth Management Services

Essence International Wealth Management Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop wealth management consulting services. With professional knowledge and experience, our team of professional consultants will set up different wealth management solutions according to the needs of individual clients so as to enable them to achieve the three major objectives of "protecting wealth, adding value to wealth and inheriting wealth".

Insurance Products

Essence International Wealth Management Co., Ltd. provides various types of insurance products in Hong Kong advisory services, including:

  • Major illness insurance
  • Bonus insurance
  • Traditional life insurance
  • Investment linked insurance

Trustee Services

Essence International Wealth Management Co., Ltd. consultant team, the client agent for the family trust, so that wealth can be passed on effectively.

Immigration advisory services

  1. To provide one-stop quality services for immigrants from all over the world, customers enjoy the wealth management services at the same time, agents can apply for immigration to all countries.
  2. Immigrant areas throughout North America, Europe and Australia. 
  3. Charge d'affaires of the property projects.

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