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About Essence

Essence International:

Essence Securities Company Limited (“Essence Securities” or ”EIFH”) completed the acquisition of the former China Southern Securities (Hong Kong) Limited on 29 April 2009 with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission. The Company is subsequently renamed to Essence International Financial Holdings Limited (“Essence International”) on 22 May 2009.

Essence International is a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary of Essence Securities Company Limited. With the tremendous support of parent company and shareholders, Essence International started taking an active role in Hong Kong stock market. The Headquarters and shareholders of Essence International are the robust companies, amongst them is the SDIC Essence (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (600061.SH)(“SDIC Essence ”) ,which holds 100% shares of Essence Securities directly and indirectly; whereas State Development & Investment Corporation (“SDIC”) has directly and indirectly owned SDIC Essence and becomes its controlling shareholder by holding 50.76% of the shares of the company. China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation Limited is the second largest shareholder of SDIC Essence and the rest shareholders are social public stocks.

Essence International, based in Hong Kong, facing the Mainland, setting eyes on the world, and carrying out the philosophy of “Customers-first, People-oriented, Honest and Trustworthy, and Pursuit of Excellence,” is dedicated to offering the vast domestic and foreign customers with comprehensive and quality services. Essence International takes an active role in Hong Kong securities market with brand new image and approach, thus acting as the bridgehead of Essence Securities' strategic plan of widening its international outreach. Meanwhile, we promote the efficient connection of China and Hong Kong in the areas of investment and financing through business innovation and exploration and make our due contribution to the cooperation of China and Hong Kong.