Customer Service Hotline (Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00)
Mainland China 400-86-95517 Hong Kong 2213-1888
Customer Service Hotline Mainland China 400-86-95517
Hong Kong 2213-1888
Customer Services

Each member of the Customer Service Department is qualified by the SFC and, with many years of experience in Hong Kong's securities or futures industry, each of our customer service staff will be segmented by business and tasked with different customer service Category, perseverance to provide customers with professional and caring customer service work.

Advisory services and VIP account services: With the help of the strong research strength of the company research department, we will continue to follow market hot spots and capture market opportunities in a timely manner to provide investors with targeted investment advice. For high-end VIP customers, the company account manager will tailor-made professional investment advisory services.