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Account Opening Guidelines

Thank customers for opening securities trading account in our company. Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities and Futures Commission and other regulatory agencies, all clients must complete the procedures for opening an account before proceeding with securities trading through the Company.

  • Please fill in all relevant information in "Account Opening Form - Personal / Joint Account (Securities Trading)" or "Account Opening Form - Company Account (Securities Trading)", fill in any N / A where applicable, and any deletion or modification must be completed To be signed by the client next to the place of interest, read the Declaration section of the form carefully and sign and fill in the date below. Any incomplete or missing account opening will lead to unnecessary delays.

  • Read the details of the Securities Trading Account Agreement. If you have any questions, especially regarding the contents of "Risk Disclosure," please contact our staff immediately.

  • Customer must sign and enter the date on the sign-up page for "Account Forms - Personal / Joint Accounts (Securities Trading)" or "Account Opening - Corporate Accounts (Securities Trading)".

  • International staffs present at the site or government-accredited notaries, lawyers, accountants and other professionals can act as witnesses and sign the witness column in the agreement and fill in the relevant information.

  • Customer may complete the completed "Account Opening Form - Personal / Joint Account (Securities Trading)" or "Account Opening Form - Company Account (Securities Transaction)" together with the following documents directly to the client's broker or in person at the Company for opening an account formalities.

  • When the Company receives the full account opening documents submitted by the client, the settlement department usually takes five working days to process the account opening application. Upon approval of the application, the client may be given an account number and an online trading password.

  • The company will be post or e-mail to give customers online trading password. To protect customers, customers must change their password to a unique and illegible password the first time they log in to their online account. Customers should also pay attention to the combination of password and password can also be entered into the lower case and lower case.

  • Customers should properly collect and save the account password, it should not be disclosed to any person. To protect our customers, we advise our customers to change their password from time to time.

  • If the customer's account password is used by unauthorized persons for unauthorized purposes, the customer shall be solely responsible for all such legal liabilities and all losses arising from such accidents or incidents.

  • For example, when a client logs in to an online transaction, he or she mistyped the password four times in a row, and the online trading account will be instantly frozen.

  • Customer online trading account due to the above (10) reasons have been frozen or lost their account password, you need to immediately notify the Company customer service hotline (852) 2213 1888 or 4008695517. The company will reissue the customer a new password, which the customer will need to change and save their password based on items 7-9 above after receiving the new password.
Account Opening Documents

Individual or joint client:

  • Copy of applicant's passport or ID card (customers need to sign a copy).
  • Proof of mailing address within the last three months, such as water and electricity bill, gas bill or other public agency bill, etc. (PO Box will not be accepted).

Institution Client:

  • Certified copy of the company registration certificate.
  • Certified copy of business registration certificate (business registration certificate).Certified copy of the articles of association.
  • Annual Return of Companies Registry / List of Directors and List of Shareholders and Certified Copy of Share Allotment.
  • All certified copies of directors' identity cards or passports that are on the roster of directors.

Trading authorization:

  • Certified copy of identity card or passport of all authorized signatories and authorized persons.
  • After the audited financial statements only certified copy.

Director's resolution:

  • A joint and any personal undertaking made by a director / shareholder / other person (with a copy of the guarantor's ID card) or its written exemption from the establishment of an offshore company for more than 12 months shall provide the following:
  • Certified copy of the incumbency certificate of directors.
  • Original certificate of storage (Certificate of Incumbency).
How do I receive orders, monthly statements, or other related information?
  • Essence International understands the importance of time and post-transaction data updates. To facilitate customers to easily manage their accounts and avoid delays in postal services, and at the same time achieve environmental protection performance, Axis International encourages and implements “paperless” operations, namely, Anxin International’s proposal. Customers choose to receive orders, monthly statements, or other related information via email.
  • Customer's Daily Transaction Orders, Monthly Statements, or Other Customer Information ACE International will send the "PDF" file format to each customer. Therefore, the client computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above for download.
  • Through the "paperless" operation, customers can receive information instantly and clearly understand the personal transaction status. The flexibility and high efficiency of financial management can be enhanced by the speed and convenience.
  • In addition, customers can check the trading record in the last month within the Hong Kong Stock Express Trading System, or check the transaction records in the last six months on a web transaction.
How do I know if my account has been successfully opened?

After successfully opening an account, the company will notify you by e-mail of the relevant account information, including the account number, the first login password and other important information. To ensure security, customers must change their first-time login password to conduct online transactions.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If the customer forgets his password, he can call the Customer Service Hotline at 40086 95517 or (852) 2213 1888. After the customer service member confirms the personal identity of the customer, we will reset the customer's login password and send the newly set password to the customer's registered mobile phone number via email or SMS. Ask the customer to remember to change it immediately after receiving the new password for safety.