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Securities Related
Stock Transfer

Clients who wish to transfer their shares from other securities dealers to Essence International need to fill in the CCASS Settlement Instruction Form - Essence Securities (Hong Kong)  with a clear statement of the client's name, account number, stock details, Name of securities broker and relevant CCASS Participant ID and contact information.

At the same time, the client needs to notify the counterparty's securities firm. The general counterparty's securities firm also asks the client to fill in a share transfer form stating the number of stocks to be transferred, the relevant quantity and the contact information of the opponent. The information about Essence International is as follows:

Name: Essence International Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

Central Clearing Participant ID: B01905

Contact Information: (852) 2213 1847 (Settlement Department)

Fax: (852) 2213 1701

The other securities dealer usually charges the customer for the transfer of the shares (the actual fee depends on the individual broker), while our company does not charge customers for transferring the shares. The normal transfer procedure can be completed within one working day.

Apply New Shares
  • Cash subscription: Customers do not need financing, only use the funds available on the account to subscribe for new shares.
    Financing Subscriptions: The Company provides its clients with new share financing amount not exceeding 90% of the total subscription amount of new shares. All applications for financing shall not exceed 90% of the total subscription amount of new shares. Financing loan days (days of frozen funds) and financing rates are set by Essence International.

# Customers are required to pay HK $ 50 (cash subscription) or HK $ 150 (financing subscription) for subscription of new shares regardless of whether the subscription is successful or not. Customers also need to pay 1% of the successful subscription amount as brokerage. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange 0.005% transaction fee and SFC transaction levy 0.003%.