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Corporate Finance
Essence International has a huge network in China, with rich business experience.

With its excellent asset quality, strong shareholder strength, strong talent and extensive market resources, Essence International can provide IPO, refinancing, bond financing, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisors and others for its high-quality clients in various industries. Corporate finance services.

In close cooperation with its parent company, SDIC Securities Investment Bank's international business team, Essence International invokes the various resources of the corporate finance department of the parent company in response to the features and needs of the project to provide cross-border financing services for its clients.

Scope of Services

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • 協助重組公司以符合聯交所首次公開發行之要求
  • 協助準備上市計劃有關文件及材料,並協助公司取得聯交所及其它有關監管機構之批准
  • 建議新股價格、上市時機、股票推廣及招股之事宜
  • 包銷新股,其中包括組織承銷團以及安排配售股份予機構或私人投資者

Takeovers and Mergers

  • 協助尋找合適業務伙伴或目標,把握每個收購合併或出售的機會
  • 在協商過程中提供協助,就交易價格、交易形式及融資途徑等各方面提供專業意見
  • 為收購行動提供過渡性融資服務
  • 向公司提供專業意見以符合證監會及聯交所的監管要求,及協助取得有關監管機構的批准

Corporate Financing Consultant

  • 向客戶提供企業融資顧問服務
  • 協助客戶與交易參與的各方磋商有關條款
  • 向客戶提供專業意見,以符合監管要求
  • 根據香港上市條例第14章,提供一切關於收購、出售以及須予披露的交易的意見及需注意之事項
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