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Research Report

Essence International Research Department Introduction

Essence International Research Department:

The elite research team Essence International Research Department to gather talent, composed of a number of senior analysts in the industry. Relying on the strong market experience of analysts and backed by the strong research platform of its parent company, Essence International Research Department covers a wide range of industries influences including macro-economy, investment strategy, industry and listed companies and other wealth management products.

Unique Research Methods in Essence International Research focuses on quality control and emphasizes the combination of macroeconomic, strategy, and key industry research. Trend research, event analysis and policy perspective have combined with macro, strategy, industry and public companies. A core advantage has been formed in these areas.

Professional Service Spirit Based on its unique advantages rooted in the Hong Kong market and based on its research philosophy of "Objective and Independent, Insightful, Logical, Arguable and Clearly Viewpoint", Essence International Research Department adheres to the concept of "global perspective, forward thinking, close to the market, Customer service "research strategy, in the" customer first "spirit of service for domestic and foreign customers with professional and in-depth research products.