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US Stock Market Operation
US Stock Market Operation

Apply Method

Clients of non-US citizens / residents and non-residents of Canada can enjoy online US stock trading services by simply registering with Essence Securities and completing and returning the W-8 BEN form.

To find out about the W-8BEN form, visit the following IRS homepage at or consult your tax advisor.

Please note: The Company currently does not provide US stock trading services to clients of U.S. citizens / residents or residents of Canada.

For inquiries, please call the Customer Service Hotline at (domestic) 40086-95517 or (Hong Kong) 2213-1888

US Stock Commission and Fee

Commission fees
Commission minimum fee (USD)
Other transaction costs (% / USD)
The SEC charges 0.00192% (sales transactions only) with a minimum charge of US $ 0.01
(Rates will be adjusted by the SEC's announcement)

Note: buy / sell and different trading methods, commissions separately calculated, each transaction or partial transaction, each will be calculated on an independent commission, no single service.
Other custody, dividends and other charges, please refer to "overseas securities market fee schedule"

Deposit, Saving and Currency Exchange

To conduct an online US stock transaction, the client must, before proceeding with the transaction:
     Save in dollars or
     2. In the online trading platform to convert into dollars or
     3. If the client does not convert the US dollar for settlement purposes, the Bank has the right to compulsorily convert USD or collect overdue interest on the settlement date.

The amount of the U.S. dollar successfully deposited by Customer before 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, Hong Kong time will be reflected before the trading day of US stock exchange (excluding holidays).

As with Hong Kong stocks or other markets, please refer to "Funds Access".

How to Trade? 

Customers can click on "Securities"> "Online Trading Login" on our website for online trading of US stocks.

Customers can also call (852) 2213-1866 manual orders.

US Stock Market Information

Customers can download the Hong Kong Express Express via the "Stock Trading Software Download", which provides free US stock quotes.

Customers may also refer to the following stocks website for free quotes:

Trading hours and products

  • Settlement Date - The settlement time for US stock trading is T+2. The funds from the unsettled transaction can be used for opening a new position immediately.
  • Trading Hours - US stock trading hours are from 9:30pm to 4:00am in Hong Kong time (from mid-March to early November in summer time), there is no noon break during the period, and winter time (about the beginning of November to March) Mid-term), trading hours are adjusted to 10:30pm to 5:00am Hong Kong time.
  • Trading Products - The online US stock trading service provides US stock trading transactions on the 「NASDAQ」、「NYSE」及「OTC」. These include US listed stocks, ETFs, and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).
  • Trading Unit - US stock trading is not a trading unit per lot, and investors can trade at least one stock.
  • Ups and downs limit - There is basically no limit on the US stock market, and any price may appear.
  • Short-selling - The company does not have a US stock short service.

US tax - capital gains tax and dividend withholding tax

Non-US citizens/residents and non-residents of Canada are required to complete and return the W-8 BEN form (non-US citizenship certificate) when they open an account to waive the Capital Gain Tax.

The US tax system covers investment products originating in the United States (whether tradable securities, mutual funds or bonds, etc.), and investors, whether or not they are US citizens or permanent residents (also known as green card holders), are held in their own name. These investment products are subject to a Dividend Withholding Tax of 30% of the dividend.

As overseas investment products may involve additional tax burdens, investors should seek tax advice depending on the circumstances.

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